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How to drink the bottled water in hot weather in the Summer?

Issuing time:2020-06-05 00:00

With the advent of midsummer and rising temperatures, the peak season for bottled water sales will also follow. After the newspaper opened the "Food Safety Hotline", the citizens came in one after another and expressed great concern about the safety of beverages and drinking water. In this issue, we invite nutrition experts, water industry professionals and experienced readers to jointly offer advice on drinking water safety.

Note: Don't let the bottled water become "problem water"

   Recently, Mr. Liu, who lives in Yulin, called the hotline, saying that the bottled water at home has small green or black dots, which is definitely a problem. After some communication and investigation, the reporter found that the bottled water in Mr. Liu's house was not a problem. The reason was that Mr. Liu had just returned from a business trip to Beijing for a month. The bottled water at home had not been drunk for a month. Relevant experts said that many consumers now only change a bucket of water for half a month or even a month because of business trips or busy work, coupled with incorrect knowledge of storage and use of bottled water, it is easy to make the bottled water at home become " Problem water".

  While companies are keeping a good watch on our healthy lives, as consumers, how can we avoid "problem water" in the drinking process? To this end, the reporter interviewed Wang Hong, deputy general manager of Quanxing Mineral Spring. According to him, drinking water in summer is better used within a week, because even good quality bottled water will breed after being left open for a long time. Bacteria, especially in the hot summer months, higher temperatures are more likely to cause the rapid propagation of bacteria, so more attention should be paid to drinking in time. It is also crucial to keep the water dispenser clean. Since the water dispenser is not easy to clean, many consumers have never cleaned it after buying it. Even if there is daily cleaning, it is limited to scrubbing the surface of the fuselage, and rarely cleans and disinfects the inside. If it is not disinfected and cleaned for a long time, the water storage bile in the machine will breed a lot of bacteria, deposit harmful substances such as dirt and heavy metals, and endanger human health. It is recommended that the water dispenser should be cleaned every three months, disassembled and disinfected every six months Wash once. Quanxing Water has always insisted on providing cleaning and disinfection services to consumers on a regular basis, including the management of water delivery workers, all of which require consumers to be reminded during the water delivery process.

Tips: good habits make you drink water healthily

   Is there any easy way to avoid drinking "problem water" in life? Ms. Luo, who lives in the lotus community, said that she usually uses a kettle to boil tap water. Once the water is boiled, pour the boiling water into a thermos. "Turn off the fire in time" is her way to avoid boiling the water for a long time. Ms. Shuang Nan Xie also gave consumers a trick. Usually, there are two hot and cold spouts on the water dispenser, but in summer there will be less time to drink hot water, and the hot water spout will be cold for a long time. Since the two spouts store water separately, they should be drained regularly in order to prevent the water from changing for a long time.

For Mr. Hu who has a private car, he usually likes to buy a box of water in the trunk when refueling. In order to avoid the sun exposure when the car is parked on the ground and let the water evaporate, it is customary to spread several layers of towels on the carton and drink it. Take one bottle at a time. If a bottle of water is not finished, it will be placed in a box under the seat, trying to avoid direct sunlight on the bottle.